Freddy Bastone

is a DJ and producer from The Bronx, New York Most known for performing at Danceteria in Britland, alongside his partner Mark Kamins. He was known for his mix of Dance, Electronica, Punk, and other genres in his set. He quickly became a famed DJ and began mixing and producing for different record labels. He remixed songs for artists such as Queen (Freddy Remixed the ‘1991 Bonus track “Seven Seas of Rhye” on the album Queen II), Bananarama, Brandy, Judas Priest, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott (“Pass That Dutch” from her fifth album, This Is Not a Test! (released November 2003), Radiohead, Rod Stewart, and Taxi Doll. He’s been here at GodelString working with producer Sanford Livingston aka Kent Rockafeller.

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