Room Rates
Studio A: $70 per hour / $600 per day including engineer
$45 per hour / $450 per day without engineer

Studio B: $50 per hour / $475 per day including engineer

Studio C: $30 per hour / $400 per day including engineer

  • The C room is also available as an additional tracking space for use with a Studio A booking, for an additional charge of $125/day
  • One day is 10 hours from the scheduled start time until the last mic cable is put away, minus unexpected technical difficulties, meals eaten out, etc. Any session time beyond 10 hours may be charged at the normally hourly rate, at the discretion of the engineer.
  • Minimum session booked time is 3 hours.
  • We cannot break up days.
  • Longer lockouts are available at a reduced cost.
  • We accept cash, money orders, checks, and P.O.s from valid record companies. Credit cards are subject to a 2.9% fee. No materials will be released until balance is paid in full.
  • Session time can be temporarily held via a phone call. A held session is not officially secured until a deposit for 50% of the booked time is received. If another client asks for time that was not secured, a courtesy call will be placed with the original holder to have a chance to secure the times. The original holder has 24 hours to return the courtesy call at which point the hold if forfeited
  • Any cancelation of secured time within 3 days or less notice forfeits this deposit. Full payment is due at the end of the day. Without exception, no session materials will be released until the balance has been paid in full or a valid purchase order has been received. We accept cash, checks, PayPal and money orders.
  • Charges will be based on scheduled start time and not on actual arrival time.
  • Email or call to find out about our late night rates, as well as package deals for your project

Piano Tuning
Piano tuning is usually between $125-$135. Please be sure to give at least a week’s notice for tuner availability. Last minute tunings are possible but may cost more.

Media Costs (when available)
2″ tape: $250
2″ tape used: $150
1/4″ tape: $50
Tape rental per reel per day: $25 (If you don’t want to buy your own reels you can rent one from us, then dump your tracks to ProTools for mixing and storage.)
DVD-R backup disks: $15
Firewire hard drives: $150

Spec Deals
All work done on a speculative basis is billed at twice the standard studio rate. GödelString retains ownership and full rights to the master tapes until fully reimbursed. Any work done for free is considered speculative unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Clients are responsible for backing up their data at the end of each session or blocks of sessions.

GödelString is not responsible for media left on premises between sessions. Time spent backing up is considered part of session time. As a courtesy we keep a backup of client materials on our drives for 2 weeks. A $10/gigabyte fee will be charged for restoration of this data. After 2 weeks all data will be removed.

Clients must remove their instruments and equipment at the end of the session or session block. GödelString is not responisble for any equipment left on premises at any time.