We’re extremely proud of our space, it has been built with an obsessive attention to detail to produce a beautiful, functional and amazing sounding space that is capable of producing world class records. The studio design reflects an underlying philosophy of “professional” DIY. This is not a loft with some walls put up– it is serious infrastructure that is uncommon in studios of our size. Thousands of man-hours were put into ensuring that your recordings will shine.

Acoustic isolation: All rooms are fully floated and decoupled from the structural walls. In practice, this leads us to an extremely low noise floor. This is something rare in most studios, especially in New York. There will be no outside sound present in your recordings. This extreme isolation also allows you to play at whatever volume you like, whenever you like.

Full separation: Our individual booths are highly isolative, allowing for musicians to play in close proximity with good sightlines with very low levels of acoustic bleed from room to room. This allows us to track fairly large acoustic ensembles live for the musical vibe while retaining the most flexibility for punches, overdubs and editing.

Acoustic design: Using his background in physics and mathematics, Joel spent time analyzing the shape and the sound of the rooms, then scientifically applied treatments to create rooms that sound great. The rooms are NOT “dead,” and are designed to allow for some space around the sounds (though we can provide you with a completely dead room if you desire).

Connectivity: Through the use of our interstudio tie-lines, any of our three control rooms can be used to track sessions using any and all of the available iso booths and the live room, providing for maximum flexibility when planning your session.