The short answer: We’re a full function music production studio with the capabilities to do pretty much anything one would want to do with sound. Our goal is to offer the level of quality associated with the much-missed era of the high-end studio, in the age of GarageBand. By using our noggins and being obsessive we’ve managed to create a functional and attractive space, effectively making it into a mini hit factory.

The longer answer: GödelString is essentially about leveraging knowledge to maximize resources. Our extensive experience in studio work has empowered us to harness top-notch architecture and design to make a space which allows for musicians to record together with excellent acoustical isolation. With a basic understanding of physics we’ve been able to design fully isolated and exceptional sounding rooms. This design has allowed for a very efficient and flexible space, allowing for many different types of projects to flourish. During the design phase we made a conscious effort to put our financial resources into using the proper materials and made up the difference ourselves. The result is a space with the cost of an apartment but the worth of a few SUVs. This design philosophy, coupled with the use of open source technologies, equals a true 21st century recording studio.

The location answer: Located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and adjacent to the neighborhoods of Fort Greene, Cobble Hill and Downtown, GödelString is situated in the heart of Brooklyn. The location on Fifth Avenue is within walking distance of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Atlantic Terminal. Without sacrificing a neighborhood feel, the surrounding blocks conveniently offer an assortment of restaurants, bars and coffee shops.