As we slide further into the 21st century, the role and definition of “producer” continues to evolve.    Here at GödelString we are experienced and comfortable working as producers in both the classic style and the modern style.   Most importantly, we have a higher level view of production and we understand that “producing” is as much about choosing which style and workflow will yield the best results for your type of music.

For instance, if you are a singer/song-writer with an extremely focused vision we’d be happy to work with you on getting your sounds and facilitating your studio experience for maximum ease or effieciency allowing you to concentrate on performance.

We also love taking a more hands on approach where we work with you on choosing songs, tightening arrangements, choosing players,  writing charts,  choosing takes, overseeing mixing, mastering and guiding you through the whole process to create a finished record.

We are also producers in the more modern sense of those who create and write tracks either finished tracks or instrumentals for collaborations.

Please click below for links to artists we’ve procuced and examples of tracks we have created.