See You In September


See You in September is an original romantic comedy set in current day Manhattan. The film centers around Lindsay, a beautiful woman who seemingly has it all, but is deeply afraid of commitment. The film begins with Lindsay dumping “Mr. Perfect” when he proposes marriage. Lindsay attempts to figure out with her therapist why she runs away from every good relationship in her life. She seems to be on the verge of a break-through, when she finds out that her therapist takes a vacation for the entire month of August. Shocked that her therapist could do such a thing, she goes on a search for a new therapist and to her horror realizes that she seems to be the only person in Manhattan unaware that all therapists flee NYC for the month of August.

Joel Hamburger produced two songs, tracked and mixed the score for this forth coming feature directed by Law and Order SVU star Tamara Tunie.

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