Julia Haltigan

Julia Haltigan grew up in New York City off the Bowery in the 1980s. As an only child born into a musically inclined family, Julia learned to use her voice to attract attention. Her grandmother was a member of the 1940’s quartet The Larkin Sisters, and her father, a vital member of Julia’s band, taught her to play the guitar and to sing. Julia grew up snapping, whistling and spinning, which resulted in letters being sent home from school saying, “That is not a small voice trying to be loud!” While producing her first demo at Prairie Sun Studios in northern California, Julia caught the attention of Drive-Thru Records, who invited her to sing on Listen To Bob Dylan, a tribute album. That album was released in 2005 bringing acclaim to Julia for her cover of “Boots of Spanish Leather.” Two years later, Julia self-released her first album When the Glow Starts to Go… Julia’s songs have an antique, Americana-pop feel. Her lyrics create a collage of imagery that relates heartache, yearning and lust, to motorcycles, fake tattoos and viruses. At times her powerful, sultry voice booms above her six-piece band while at other times she showcases her soft and sexy side melting your heart. Julia’s music arouses nostalgia for the classics, evoking the likes of Tom Waits, Nancy Sinatra, and Betty Boop. She puts you out like a Lucky cigarette in an ice cream cone. Her self-released, self-titled second album was released in May 2009. The album is a refreshing addition to the current music scene, combining old-time music influences with Julia’s own whimsical style. With weeping guitar lines reminiscent of a Lee Hazelwood track, drum lines like a heel-toe shuffle and a bass like a tugboat, the album blends the blues, old-time country and Americana classics with modern arrangements. Julia Haltigan has shared the stage with artists such as Dixie Fried (featuring Norah Jones), The Defibulators, Steel Train, Freddie Stevenson and The Woes, at various venues such as The Knitting Factory, Rodeo Bar, The Living Room, Maxwell’s, Union Pool, South Paw, Union Hall, The National Underground, Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall, Banjo Jim’s, The Coney Island Side Show and Spike Hill.


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