JustaduoJUSTADUO is a unique and boldly original contemporary chambermusic duet comprised of Machiko Ozawa (violin and electric violin) and Justin Hines (multi-percussion). With styles ranging from post-modern-classical to the infectious rhythms and scales of middle eastern music, JUSTADUO’s signature sound is the seamless integration of rhythm and melody. A JUSTADUO performance will feature everything from the strict interpretation of a written score (Vertical Voyage), to the virtuosic improvisations demanded by an avant-garde conceptual piece ( Sleepwalking ).

JUSTADUO carves out new space in the chamber music world with original compositions often co-composed by the duet themselves. Borrowing freely from a diverse battery of instruments, percussionist Justin Hines incorporates doumbek, riqq, cajon, drum set, congas, and other world percussion into JUSTADUO’s pieces.Violinist Machiko Ozawa moves easily back and forth between acoustic and electric violin, utilizing an entire array of effects and new sounds, sometimes surprising audiences with her additional tap dance skills.

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