Zach Mcnees

Zach Mcnees

Zach started his career in NYC working with some of the biggest names in music at the legendary Hit Factory studios (r.i.p). As a freelancer, Zach has made records with some of the brightest young songwriters in the city whose …

William Berlind

William Berlind is a music producer, musician and writer. His has produced, engineered and played on albums for Colin McGrath, Jessie Torrisi, Paul Phillips and Brooke Campell among others. As a keyboard player, he performed on Burning Spear

Jay Braun

Jay Braun is a multi-indisciplinarian living in Brooklyn, New York. A lot of what he does involves music, and a lot of that involves some aspect of recording. Jay currently plays guitar in several bands and has performed in 2009 …

Bryan Pugh

Bryan Pugh

Producer • Mixer


With ten years of studio experience and a lifetime of music education, Bryan possesses the ability to understand both the finer points of musical arrangement and the technical minutia of audio engineering. After graduating cum …

Joel Hamburger

Is an incredibly talented composer/producer/engineer.…